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visuals for music

Visuals for a 33min performance by Awkward Moments. Generative + Animation + Manipulated found footage to fit the storyline.

This was performed at the opening night of ´T-10’ new cultural space part of SKP-S in Beijing. 

It involved 17 projectors over a room 25m long. I created content for the walls, floor, and two screens at the front - one behind the performers and a gauze in front of them. The tech was powered by United Visual Artists.

animated embellishments for documentary

The Bigger Trip - Woo
Bigger Trip Clouds

ITV / Woo Agency / Bullion Productions.
I animated behind vast sections of their documentary about psychedelics. Dream Project.

ITV / Planet Woo / Bullion
Trailer for The Bigger Trip
Play Video
Play Video
Embellishmns for doc

music video direction (8).gif

Supreme Switch - MWB Using rotoscoping and visuals Supreme Switch is about separation; the struggle of two people to get to one another over physical obstacles and restrictions.
(and producing, location management, editing & vfx & costume) (9).gif

I wanted to take the dancers' chemistry and flow and contrast it with the striking physical geometry of the architecture to show structural division. The VFX was used to build a visual barrier between them both. The characters learn to interact through gestures that echo one another via portals until they’re finally able to breach the divisions and meet in a void.

art direction

Bella Ferraro - Summer Day Live 

handmade worlds in motion

YONY lilypad gif small.gif
YONY bridge gif small.gif
hugging you tom rosenthal ryan o'connor


window display


Installation by artist Joe Sweeney. I supplied tech, installation & the simple video content. It played for 6 weeks.

experience experiment


A respite from your club night or Vermissage… take a seat... take the controller and choose your own visual setting to escape to. 💫

Watch as a cool breeze teleports your own image directly into another world… 💉

Here using a webcam attached to a fan for both movement and refreshment.