Awkward Moments is the birth child of DJ, producer and composer Mimi Xu. Xu has always been interested in the relationship between music and art, exploring the field of 'Expanded Cinema' - a term coined in the mid-1960s by American experimental filmmaker Stan Vanderbeek which describes work both inside and outside of the gallery including live performance, projector pieces, video and a range of media environments. Awkward Moments was born out of this concept, and was first launched in London in May 2017. It has since evolved through five diverse performances worldwide; from a multimedia scenographic installation and soundwalk with students at the Oberlin Conservatory, to a dance & mime performance in London with the iconic Lindsay Kemp who studied with Marcel Marceau, and staged and performed in David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. 

With sound at its core, Awkward Moments is a performance art series that uses mixed media to explore the emotional, philosophical and metaphysical implications of a biological lifecycle and the eternal recurrence of it. For Series V - premiered at Houghton Festival 2018 - Xu brought in classically trained multi-instrumentalist and singer Maguire to co-write and perform the 40 minute piece of music entitled 'An Entropic Cycle'. This series layers interweaving electronic beats over organic instruments to mirror the relationship between the tangible and the ethereal; between fragmentation and order. This concept was further explored visually by performing behind a semi-transparent veil onto which was projected an abstract film made to accompany the music.

Awkward Moments is divided into six chapters each one leading us through the different cycles of life and death. In the words of Virginia Woolf - 'I see myself as a fish in a stream; deflected; held in place; but cannot describe the stream.' This is their attempt to recreate that stream of existence through music and visuals. Xu and Maguire are currently touring 'A Strange Odyssesy.'