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I'm not quite sure what to label the premise of this idea. It's a cross between a 'live' recorded performance at home, a mini music video and a live stream all at the same time. Obviously I'd want to avoid just trying to do a budget repeat of your video for 'Her' but at the same time projections are ma thaang, so it'd be working out a slightly different way of doing it. 

I've got a couple of different options depending on how complicated this could get. Assuming that we would want to film it over the 5 week stint, we have some known boundaries to work within:

- doing it with a limited time to shoot (perhaps even on 2hr break and then extending just breaking for ma's loo breaks. she will be fine if it means i get to 'do work')

- probably at my mum's house, so downstairs? Which means it can't be very wide frame. 

It all depends which song you'd like to do a video for and what suits it, but some options:

1. 'simple' = a recording of a live performance with visuals.

-I premake some projections that suit/beat match and we set it up like you're singing it live. (doesn't have to be)

-We film it from a couple of different angles in one take, edit it together

-We could dress the space down stairs to make it magical (see below)

2. 'medium' = low budget video set in one space with 'animation'

-A couple of 'rounds' of filming - we could have you interact with your own shadow / different projections in the space.

- we could hang drape everywhere for the projections to catch on and create a special space with the use of props, lighting and projections, perhaps even open out the doors and use the overgrown garden?

3. 'complicated!' = animated music video

-We could film some green screen bits together, some bits with projections, some bits outside? and then I go off and do some animation all over it. 


Interactions with projections

I love the interactions she has with shadows of herself. This would involve two filming sessions

and the grainy-film like blur

Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 11.50.35.png

digital animations blended with projections
What I like here is the animation is digital and also projected onto him.
The animation work here is a whole task in itself, though we could perhaps play with some of the highlighted lyrics.
(he comes across like an arrogant arsehole though??) 

I like this for the  apparent simplicity. (although an amazing gaffer, focus puller and camera person is obviously involved).
The mixture of lighting effects, dust sheets and house environment makes me think its achievable but probably would require an entire team.

I like how on the 'drop' nothing changes, it holds its pace. ie it doesn't behave have you'd expect. Its shot in slo mo too which assists that.

It's like a live stream, but obviously not. it also fits into the house narrative, where we might be forced to be to shoot it.


Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 11.45.48.png

mini set
I like the moss on the floor and the mini set, creating an indoor outdoor world. (though i find their performance quite dull to watch?!)

Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 11.46.08.png

Following on from the mini set idea.... for that shop window my friend did, he made these amazing columns out of plaster, which we can use. It looked like a gorgey old stylized dinner party. 
Whilst its quite hard to see what's going on in the pink photo, but creating a wild space with these large columns rising up looked amazing with a bit of fisheye and crazy projections. 


We could create a small space with props to assist the narrative of the story. Like an alice in wonderland house or something.

'live' stream - i know you've done the back projection idea already (and done way better than anything we could achieve just at home!) but it does give a lovely effect for a live stream performance. In stark contrast to this though, you would be well lit so the people can see you! give the people what they want!


If you really don't want to include projections, because you've already done it, we could do something more animated within the computer, rather than projections in real life. like these examples

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