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Genuinely affordable

Screenshot 2022-03-04 at 16.40.41.png

Pitching this as less of a 'MUSIC VIDEO" and more of an embellished 'live' performance.

Taking inspiration from her album artwork shown here, this is an all one "live recorded performance" - either with the band or without  (if it doesn't come out of my budget) in one set up and location.


Maybe with one projection screen behind in some takes. 

In other takes, I just use animation like the below to add extra elements.

Negative - might not be so engaging as its only a couple of set ups in one location

Budget predominantly used on lighting/camera, location.


My Reference:

This hasn't been released yet so please don't share this!!

This was for a documentary - but I like the shapes moving around them

Visuals Heavy

= no money spent on location & camera, more on post. 

Tight camera work so as not to reveal the lack of location, heavy on the trippy visuals (imagery could be anything that suits the music, it could be photo realistic or it could be abstract shapes.)

Interactions with projections

I love the interactions she has with shadows of herself. This would involve two filming sessions

and the grainy-film like blur

Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 11.50.35.png

digital animations blended with projections
What I like here is the animation is digital and also projected onto him.
Please note: I'm not pitching to do this much animation work for this budget.

Part live / part green screen

I play with the alpha channels and insert some of this vibrant summery energy into the video through visuals. Perhaps we could come and get some informal BTS video from a session with the musicians if they are doing one?

+Perform against a screen

Probbably quite tightly framed - as we would have to do it inside whoever has the biggest room. I premake a load of visuals then we record RoRo against one screen. Front projection and back projection to have different effects.

These two references are overly ambitious for the budget but give a flavour.

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