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Found Vintage Book, Scanned in, Created Animated Sequence in AE, Export, Record live manipulations in VJ software VDMX5, Edit selects in Premiere Pro to make Music Video

Visuals for Performance. Generative + Animation + Manipulated found footage to fit the storyline.

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Paint life, dance, film, edit

This formed part of a music video for Berlin Bass Collective

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hugging you tom rosenthal ryan o'connor
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'So Mean' by Lions Head - Music Video
My role: Producer 
Director: Neirin Best

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I wanted to bring movement to a poster created in 1989.

I scanned it in, used photoshop to separate the layers, used After Effects to give them movement and then VDMX to manipulate the colours and effects.

I added another dimension but filming my own hands opening and closing to extend the video.

This was created to be part of an all night long VJ set at Diskothek Melancholie II

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Editing old rave posters into animation.

Animation Direction, Model Making, Projection Mapping, After Effects..... These videos are on the 'cuter' side of my portfolio  ↓

Role: Editing, Motion Graphics & Animation for a Music Video

Stolen footage

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33 minutes of visuals, timed to a performance by Awkward Moments Series. I followed a brief to create a narrative that suited the story behind the music: the emotional, philosophical and metaphysical implications of a biological lifecycle and the eternal recurrence of it. E  

This was performed at the opening night of ´T-10’ new cultural space part of SKP-S in Beijing. 

It involved 17 projectors over a room 25m long. I created content for the walls, floor, and two screens at the front - one behind the performers and a gauze in front of them. The tech was powered by United Visual Artists.

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