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My most recent project has been to create 33 minutes of visuals, timed to a performance by Awkward Moments Series. This was performed at the opening night of ´T-10’ new cultural space part of SKP-S in Beijing. 

It involved 17 projectors over a room 25m long. I created content for the walls, floor, and two screens at the front - one behind the performers and a gauze in front of them. The tech was powered by United Visual Artists.


The most challenging part was to think about the direction of movement of shapes eminating from the centre and to imagine them travelling down the walls and the floor away from the performers. Its a shame that the project is so recent so I don't have High quality footage to show you!

This project aims to explore the relationship between music and art, exploring the field of 'Expanded Cinema' - a term coined in the mid-1960s by American experimental filmmaker Stan Vanderbeek which describes work both inside and outside of the gallery including live performance, projector pieces, video and a range of media environments.

For this project I followed a brief to create a narrative that suited the music: the emotional, philosophical and metaphysical implications of a biological lifecycle and the eternal recurrence of it. 


Welcome to 'THE LIGHTROOM’ prototype 0.1


A respite from your club night or Vermissage… take a seat... take the controller and choose your own visual setting to escape to. 💫 Watch as a cool breeze teleports your own image directly into another world. A webcam attached to a fan for both movement and refreshment.

After taking part in workshops led by Kalma Lab and A-LI-CE  I  created this interactive installation on the final day in a couple of hours. Of course.... it does really look like a piece of semi transparent fabric draped casually from the ceiling, but I only had a few hours to come up with the whole thing. From Kalma and A-li-ce I've learnt about using visuals and projection mapping to define space and enhance the scenography of a play, space or performance.

At the moment I'm working on a project with photographer John Gribben to use projection mapping as light within sculpture. ---+

Using projection mapping I created a set in a large empty warehouse. I framed two mirrored clips beside each other, intercut with circles to create shape within the room and define the space. I replicated these circles on the floor using an additional projector, to give the sense of a stage, and for the hoopers to feel like they were in the limelight.

(Photos by

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I LOVE your Signe Pierce references. If you're interested in my work and its worth my time to collate more references, it'd be my pleasure. In the meantime I'd just throw this in by Li Hui, „V“, 2009. Stainless steel, mirror, laser, fog machine. I like the use of mirror to double up.

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