I found a book at the market in Tbilisi which breaks down Georgian dancing.. obviously I stood no chance of reading or repeating so instead I pieced the cute lil drawings together.. .

RAVEPIC 9.jpeg

Some content beamed down from outer space & played the other week @ Officina Stellinaire.
I got the first half from an 80’s rave poster and @backyardsocietyberlin  (Wayne McCauslin) played God to create those beautiful aliens and cosmic custard creams and planets filled with baked beans.

Grace. Space. Pace. 
I usually arrive at the end product because I don’t actually know how to do something - in this case I have no ability to draw or actually any Interest in sitting patiently to draw each frame. So... I’ll paint the shape on myself instead!

anxious gif small_1.gif

Still thankful to the opening sequence of some unknown Commodore Amiga demo game for making me want to make electric colours come to life professionally.

Here's my homage.