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director: music videos with animation (8).gif

Supreme Switch - MWB Using rotoscoping and visuals Supreme Switch is about separation; the struggle of two people to get to one another over physical obstacles and restrictions. (9).gif

I wanted to take the dancers' chemistry and flow and contrast it with the striking physical geometry of the architecture to show structural division. The VFX was used to build a visual barrier between them both. The characters learn to interact through gestures that echo one another via portals until they’re finally able to breach the divisions and meet in a void.

so mean.gif
so mean gif longer .gif

'So Mean' by Lions Head - Music Video

I creative produced both of these videos with a super small crew for Neirin Best. Planning shot framing, how to interact with props, perform appropriate actions etc.

creative producer/
animated music videos

animated embellishments for documentary

The Bigger Trip - Woo
Bigger Trip Clouds

Rotoscope and animation work for Woo Agency / Bullion Productions. I animated behind vast sections of their doc about psychedelics. 
This technical rotoscoping and masking technique would be similar to that I would use on this project.

Trailer for The Bigger Trip

Trailer for The Bigger Trip

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animation direction: small figures in odd places

well versed in putting figures in odd places - albeit this time I made them small, not big:

YONY lilypad gif small.gif
YONY bridge gif small.gif

working with push button generation