is a moving image creator based in Berlin and ready for hire

*also available in London


for Awkward Moments Series - SKP Beijing (tech set up hosted by United Visual Artists)

at PowerPlay - Berlin (secret squat location)

with Awkward Moments Series - Laylow, London

with Awkward Moments Series - Grow Tottenham, London

with Philet - Music For Cinemas, Filmrauschpalast, Berlin

at Officina Stelinaire - Discothek Melancholie II, Berlin

at Oh, excuzes-moi! - Maze, Berlin

at HMT -  The Rising Sun, London

at Octavibes Live Stream - Berlin



Start Living Again Remix - Ajay Mathur

It's Been A While, Boyard (Berlin Bass Collective)

Can't Stop The Party, Etur Usheo (Berlin Bass Collective)

Hot 4 You, NRVVS  (Berlin Bass Collective)

Hugging You (Lyric Video), Tom Rosenthal

You Only Need You, Tom Rosenthal

Spring, Tom Rosenthal


Opening Sequence for Sophie & Friends

Anxious, Hazel Hayes



Villa Lena,  October 2019

If I'm not who you're looking for, maybe you'd be interested in my friends:

Charles Gouldsbrough - Illustrator extraordinaire

Gimlet Bar - for all your cocktail and cordial needs

Joe Cummins, who draws things

Neirin Best, who teaches me things as well as being a psychedelic animator and music video director

John Gribben, who makes things look great by putting them in pictures

Lois da Silva - bringing life to drawings

Rosco 5 - Gideon Beresford and Behnam Taheri are Rosco 5; quite a lol directing gang.

Will Dorrien-Smith - Drone king, cinematographer & editor extraordinaire