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Visuals for a 33min performance. Generative + Animation + Manipulated found footage to fit the storyline.

This room had one screen behind the performers, one in front, one on the floor and one on each side, so for me it was obviously important to think about how the sides of the room interacted with each other and how the video would play out in the space.


The music was about "the emotional, philosophical and metaphysical implications of a biological lifecycle and the eternal recurrence of it." For me each track had a very clear and different sense of movement, which corresponded to the lifecycle: either growing, travelling, blooming, imploding, exploding etc and direction of flow is what I played most heavily with. 

This was performed at the opening night of ´T-10’ new cultural space part of SKP-S in Beijing. 

It involved 17 projectors over a room 25m long. I created content for the walls, floor, and two screens at the front - one behind the performers and a gauze in front of them. The tech was powered by United Visual Artists.

visuals for music

music video direction

handmade worlds with animation

YONY lilypad gif small.gif
YONY bridge gif small.gif
hugging you tom rosenthal ryan o'connor


A respite from your club night or Vermissage… take a seat... take the controller and choose your own visual setting to escape to. 💫

Watch as a cool breeze teleports your own image directly into another world… 💉

Here using a webcam attached to a fan for both movement and refreshment.

experience experiment

RAVEPIC 9.jpeg
weekend world just me longer.gif

Editing old posters into animation.

I wanted to bring movement to a poster created in 1989.
I scanned it in, used photoshop to separate the layers, used After Effects to give them movement and then VDMX to manipulate the colours and effects.
I added another dimension but filming my own hands opening and closing to extend the video.
This was created to be part of an all night long VJ set at Diskothek Melancholie II

georgians gif small.gif
Georgia 1 3.jpeg
yellow 4].jpeg
Etur Usheo -  Can't Be The Party

Etur Usheo - Can't Be The Party

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Animation from stills: case study

Found Vintage Book, Scanned in, Created Animated Sequence in AE, Export, Record live manipulations in VJ software VDMX5, Edit selects in Premiere Pro to make Music Video

found footage, created footage, animation & generative

tuesdays lover text.png
tuesdays lover star_edited.png
tuesdays lover staar_edited.png
Tuesdays lover men_edited_edited.png
tuesdays lover heart_edited.png
tuesdays lover star_edited.png
Tuesdays lover men_edited.png
tuesdays lover heart_edited.png

Women reign supreme and use men as nothing more than ammunition. One man attempts to avoid his certain early death by disappearing…

Art Direction & hand drawn animations by Charles Gouldsbrough.

Everything else: The viz biz


Installation by artist Joe Sweeney. I researched and supplied tech, installation & the simple video content. It played for 6 weeks and didn't break! hurrah!

window display

so mean.gif
so mean gif longer .gif

'So Mean' by Lions Head - Music Video
My role: Producer 
Director: Neirin Best

'Good Old Days' by Lions Head - Music Video
My role: Producer 
Director: Neirin Best

good old daayss.gif

music video production