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Since leaving film school I have flitted between blockbuster feature films, freelance video producing, making trippy visuals and video editing for online content. 10 years of working professionally with moving image means I'm pretty comfortable to take on most projects.


Produce a music video in Berlin? Sure.

Shut down Electric Avenue in Brixton so Samuel L Jackson can walk down it? Yes I can help.

VJ for 5 hours at an album launch party in London? Would love to.

Produce social media videos of a high end eyewear brand's latest party? Yes.

VFX out the dodgy art department's backdrop? We'll give it a go

Manage a rowdy BBC drama crew, the local council, all the residents and the police for a week's filming at a luxury London hotel? I can now.


My first love is music videos, live action or animated. I'm happiest when bringing a crew together to film something special and a bit odd, but I do love just jumping on to After Effects, VDMX or Premiere to create something trippy by myself. I also love driving fork lifts, gators and pick ups to lug around location kit and reacting at high speed to crew who try to break the rules or the general public who get in our way.

Clients include:

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IMDB link


'Secret Invasion' (2023)

'This Is Going To Hurt' (2022)

'The Batman' (2022)

'Heart of Stone' (2023)

Star Wars: Rogue One’ Additional Photography (2016)

Tom Cruise’s ‘The Mummy’ (2017)

‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ (2016)

‘Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach’ (2016)

‘The Huntsman & The Ice Queen’ (2016)

Matthew Vaughn and Claudia Schiffer
‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ (2017)
‘Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens’ (2015)

‘Dracula Untold’ (2014)

‘In the Heart of the Sea’ (2015)

Location Scout

Assistant Location Manager

Assistant Location Manager (Kingsway Tunnel)

Assistant Location Manager (Dailies Victoria Park)

‘Making Of’ Documentary & Publicity Coordinator

Pinewood Studio Locations Assistant

Unit Publicity Assistant

Production Coordinator (Documentary)

2nd. Unit Production Assistant

Temp Personal Assistant PA for the Producer

Costume PA

Unit Publicity Assistant

Costume PA (Additional Photography)

Production Assistant

Marvel / Disney+

Sister Pictures

Warner Brothers


Disney / Lucas Film

Universal Films

Disney / Lucas Film

Sixteen Films

Universal Films

Marv Films


Disney / Lucas Film

Universal Films

Warner Brothers

Sept '21 - Jan '22

April - June '21

January '21

June '22

June - Sept ’16

Feb - June ’16

Sept - Nov ‘15

August ’15

April - July ’15

March ’15

January ’15

June - Nov 2’14

May - June ’14

Sept 13 - Jan ‘14

Short Form Producer Credit / Production ...

If I'm not who you're looking for, maybe you'd be interested in my friends:

Charles Gouldsbrough Illustration and design @charliepaperpencilpaint

Neirin Best, who teaches me things as well as being a psychedelic animator and music video director

Ffion Harman - is the incredible brain behind fine bone, brilliant copywriter & dazzling set designer

Will Dorrien-Smith - Drone king, cinematographer & editor extraordinaire

Joe Cummins, for sexy tattoos and illustrations by Joe, who draws things

John Gribben, who makes things look great by putting them in pictures

Rosco 5 - Gideon Beresford and Behnam Taheri are Rosco 5; quite a lol directing gang.

Gimlet Bar - for all your cocktail and cordial needs

Fine Bone ltd -  makes sustainable sexual wellness products to feel good all over

InNeoss - For lots of lovely handpicked sustainable independent clothes, accessories and homeware

Goods In - Mid Century Furniture

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